Dank Tank is a vape manufacturer which began in 2011. We have been pioneering the cannabis vape industry since its inception. Our passion to create the most delicious, unique, discreet devices has only grown in the last 10 years and we are honored to serve tens of thousands of happy clients around the country!

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The science behind Dank Tank devices has allowed us to craft incredibly unique, potent, and most importantly, delicious, vapor oils for many years. We are proud to offer an immense variety of strains each and every week. Check regularly to buy all our updated strains!

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At Dank Tank, the price is the price. What you see is what you’ll pay and we’ll
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Dank Tank guarantees each and every device we produce and if you
aren’t 100% satisfied, we will gladly send you a new device to make up for it. 

Send us a message at info@mydanktank.com and we’ll prove it!

Only The Best Strains

Email us your favorite strains, so we can match you with even more strains we know you you will love!

Our Happy Clients

"Dank Tank cartridges really are the best. They taste great, last a long time, and are more reliable than any other cartridges on the market. I keep coming back because they simply are the best."
Mary Keller

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