Dank Tank was established in 2011.  From an idea that started out of a small apartment in Los Angeles, we grew into fully-developed, family-oriented company. 

Dank Tank started the process of creating high-quality THC cartridges and introducing them to the cannabis market.  In those days, the newness of the technology made everyone very skeptical. We fielded many questions from consumers, but we were able to educate and win the hearts of loyal patients with a high-grade, high-quality product that everyone enjoyed. 

Being one of the first vaporizer companies on the market, we faced many struggles. We invested thousands of hours into researching devices and technologies to continuously improve our offerings and give everyone the best THC cartridges possible. 

Throughout the many years we have also created our CBD line, and we are very proud to produce high-quality CBD, Delta 8 THC, CBG, CBN, & complex minor cannabinoid products (extracted from hemp) as means of aiding thousands of satisfied patients.  We are always continuing our search for a way to improve and to continue to deliver the best products. 

Dank Tank, Delta 8 Dank Tank, & Dank Tank CBD, is a collaborative effort between trusted growers of THC and CBD-rich plants who help provide our cutting-edge manufacturing processes with safe, reliable cannabis bulk which we transform into our cannabinoid-rich THC, Delta 8 THC, & CBD products.

Our mission is to create the perfect blend of science and nature to keep Dank Tank SAP as close to the living plant as possible.  Dank Tank, Dank Tank Delta 8, & Dank Tank CBD is targeting the development of products which improve the quality-of-life for our friends, families, and patients. This includes research collaborations with leading sports researchers, women’s health professionals, wellness experts, physicians, botanical researchers, and industrial machine makers. 

Dank Tank, Delta 8 Dank Tank, & Dank Tank CBD is committed to environmental improvement. As proof of our commitment, we will donate a portion of all CBD proceeds to efforts which target clean-up efforts for our world’s oceans. We also invested in devices which are made from hemp plastic and contain an enzyme which enables them to dissolve safely into less than 1 gram of waste after 2 years in a waste environment. Our Earth is a critical partner in preserving our lives, both people and plant. 

While we began as a small family business, we are a an established company today. In collaboration with quality growers, researchers and scientists, we are committed to bringing the best products to the market for the enjoyment of all humanity.  We operate as one ever-expanding family.  So, no matter how many people we have working with us, we are always looking for quality people to join our team. 

The Dank Tank Army does not only end with our loyal and hardworking employees, but it also includes the teams of our carefully-selected growers that provide us with the highest quality plants for both our THC and CBD extracts. Our main goal is to see everyone live happy lives with a smile on their faces!

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The science behind Dank Tank devices has allowed us to craft incredibly uniquepotent, and most importantly, delicious, vapor oils for many years. We are proud to offer an immense variety of strains each and every week. Check regularly to buy all our updated strains!

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