1080mg of Gorilla Glue Dank Tank

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Sometimes you want to lock yourself to the couch, but not necessarily melt into it, and for those occasions, Dank Tank Gorilla Glue is the strain for you. Our best-selling, award-winning strain offers an instant sense of Euphoria, followed by a nice, long relaxation, and it tastes like you’re biting into a delicious gassy nug! Prepare to get STUCK!

Gorilla Glue is a best-selling Dank Tank Classic. We have loved this flower since it was first introduced to us in 2014. It has stood the test of time due to the potency and pungent flavor that it brings to the table. This fan-favorite won’t be leaving our menu anytime soon, as it is consistently requested by fans around the country!


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Dank Tank is a vape oil manufacturer which began in 2011. We have been pioneering the cannabis vape industry since its inception. Our passion to create the most delicious, unique, discreet devices has only grown in the last 10 years and we are honored to serve tens of thousands of happy clients around the country! Give us a chance to earn your trust and business, we are honored to serve you.

Dank Tank, Delta 8 Dank Tank, & Dank Tank CBD, is a collaborative effort between trusted growers of THC and CBD-rich plants who help provide our cutting-edge manufacturing processes with safe, reliable cannabis bulk which we transform into our cannabinoid-rich THC, Delta 8 THC, & CBD products.

Our mission is to create the perfect blend of science and nature to keep Dank Tank SAP as close to the living plant as possible.  Dank Tank, Dank Tank Delta 8, & Dank Tank CBD is targeting the development of products which improve the quality-of-life for our friends, families, and patients. Dank Tank, Delta 8 Dank Tank, & Dank Tank CBD is committed to environmental improvement.

As proof of our commitment, we will donate a portion of all CBD proceeds to efforts which target clean-up efforts for our world’s oceans. We also invested in devices which are made from hemp plastic and contain an enzyme which enables them to dissolve safely into less than 1 gram of waste after 2 years in a waste environment. Our Earth is a critical partner in preserving our lives, both people and plant.

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THC 89.6% CBD 2.5%


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